Although the 1.6 Patch is still a way off, avid players are familiar with the leaks that accompany new updates! This time, we’ll learn about the possible Skin / Costumes, Release Dates, and more!

Skins / Costumes

A slew of recent leaks suggests that one of the game’s most awaited features may be arriving shortly. Unique cosmetics for the characters, to be precise. Just recently, we’ve received a few images of the game’s highly anticipated skins / costumes!

On Twitter, Project Celestia share information about 2 costumes for Jean and Barbara. Going by past leaks and polls sent to gamers, it’s safe to assume that miHoYo was planning to add this feature.

How To Get Skins / Costumes

  • In terms of acquiring the cosmetics, gamers can receive the Summertime Sparkle as a prize for participating in the Echoing Narration Event.
  • Currently, there is no news about getting the Sea Breeze Dandelion skin.

Costumes Release Date

  • If speculations are to be assumed, these skins will most likely be included in the 1.6 Update. It’ll be available in mid-June, so you will have to sit tight a little while to get these latest additions!
  • Unofficial Date: 9th of June

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