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Kazuha might make a return in upcoming updates, according to a recent Genshin leak from UBatcha. According to the leak, he could appear in version 2.5 or 2.6; both of which are still a few months away.

Banner reruns enable Genshin Impact fans to root for a specific restricted character that they may have skipped on the original launch banner. Over the last two upgrades, miHoYo has introduced reruns more commonly.

There is no word on whether Kazuha will be accompanied by an additional 5★ character for a repetition of the double banner. According to multiple sources, Ganyu and Xiao may receive reruns as well, implying that update 2.4 would follow the same trend as its previous, with a double banner re-run on one rotation and 2 additional characters on the other.

Kazuha, The Wandering Samurai

  • Kazuha is a new 5-star protagonist who enters the cast of Genshin Impact. He’s an Inazuma wandering swordsman who wields Anemo’s strength. His wish banner made a debut in Patch 1.6, “Leaves in the Wind”.

Garyuu Bladework (Normal Attack)

  • Upgrades Kazuha’s basic attacks.

Chihayaburu (Elemental Skill)

  • When activated, Kazuha uses an Anemo whirlwind assault to pull tiny foes near to him while also lifting himself into the air. He can perform a plunging attack called “Midare Renzan” while in mid-air. This inflicts damage on Anemo and re-pulls nearby foes.
  • The elemental skill trigger could also be held down to increase the AoE of the ability compared to plainly pressing it. The cooldowns for pressed and held abilities are six and eight seconds, respectively.

Kazuha Slash (Burst / Ultimate)

  • Kazuha summons a huge AoE field which will last for 10s. The first sword stab (Anemo), a damage-over-time factor for foes in the area, and the “Elemental Absorption” quirk are the 3 damage contributors here.
  • In other words, if foes have already been impacted by Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro, those elements will put up extra damage in addition to the Anemo damage-over-time.

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