As new things are added to the world of Genshin Impact, new leaks have kept fans on their toes. Now, famous leaker Genshin Intel has revealed that there will be a rogue-like dungeon challenge, the Labyrinth Warriors.

  • The challenge event will supposedly have four stages that will reward players with currencies of three different types. Namely the Aged Tokens, Battered Shifikuda, and the Damaged Replica.
  • The Aged Tokens can be used to purchase items that are exclusive to the event, and the Battered Shikifuda can be utilized to draw random buffs, while the Damaged Replica can be used to purchase buffs before the challenge begins.
  • From the image provided by Genshin Intel, it seems like the Dungeon has an intriguing, unique structure, with dangerous enemies waiting all along the way.

2.2 Beta Leak

To back this up, Genshin Impact data miner Project Celestia has also shared the information that they had discovered in audio data that referred to an event that “focuses on Xinyan, Tartaglia, and Kujou Sara”. Project Celestia posted on Twitter that the event will begin from the Genshin Impact update 2.2 beta.

  • As a part of the limited-time mode, Xinyan, Kujou Sara, and Tartaglia will also be added. There will also be a free Xinyan for players to claim at the events shop as a prize.
  • This seems probable since Fischl, Beidou, and Diona have been obtainable free characters in the previous events, which gives historical merit to the free Xinyan prize.
  • With these leaks hyping up the new update, the information here can change at any time. We will have to wait for the update to come out to see what the event will look like!

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