Genshin Impact: Potential Ayaka Re-Run With Update 2.6

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Genshin Impact’s update 2.6 is still some ways away. The release date is expected to be in March. However, fans have already begun talking about an Ayaka rerun. Most of the discussions are happening on the r/GenshinImpactLeaks subreddit. It is being said that update 2.6 is the earliest possible time that Ayaka could get a rerun.

  • Leaks in Genshin Impact are the first source of news about character updates and events. However, there are signs before leaks themselves that can point toward potential future updates.
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  • Ayaka is a character that appeared in Genshin Impact 2.4. She is a Cryo warrior who wields a sword. Using her burst and skill, she can cause significant Cryo damage. Moreover, she can access Cryo infusion, which makes her a Cryo DPS character.

Genshin Impact 2.6

It seems some fans had been hoping to see Kamisato Ayaka rerun in Patch 2.5 itself. However, Ayato and Miko are speculated to return in update 2.5.

u/Sam-__-17 believes that there are different possibilities. If Kazuha comes in with update 2.6, Ayaka might be arriving with him. However, the Inazuma Arc might be getting over soon. In that case, Ayaka’s rerun might be pushed as far back as update 3.0. The user believes that Ayaka returning in update 2.6 “makes more sense story wise” if the Kamisato siblings, Ayato and Ayaka return together.

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  • However, while speculation continues, we will have to wait for solid leaks as the date for the updates gets closer. miHoYo has made several attempts to prevent leaks.
  • One of their new techniques is to announce new characters and content through Twitter. This is in an effort to prevent the spread of leaks and misinformation. However, this has not been able to stop data miners and leakers from doing what they have always been doing.

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