Genshin Impact: Spiral Abyss 2.4 Blessings Revealed

The Spiral Abyss will reset in a week bringing a new Blessing of the Abyssal Moon to assist adventurers in their quest. The Spiral Abyss will be tweaked in the future as of the recent update for V2.2. All floors receive a global boost from the Spiral Abyss and leakers share the new blessings coming up. Genshin fans will have roughly two weeks before the next reset to collect as many stars as possible in the abyss.

Abyssal Moon’s Blessings in Genshin Impact 2.4

Awakening Moon

  • When a player has 15 Emergence stacks, all of them are used to create a true damage shockwave.
  • The Awakening Moon blessing will grant an Emergence stack to characters who land several normal, charged, or plunge strikes within two seconds.
  • All party members will receive a 25% damage bonus for the next 10 seconds after the shockwave.

Blooming Moon

  • When characters deal normal attack damage, Genshin Impact’s Blooming Moon blessing may cause a shockwave 50% of the time.
  • Once every 0.3 seconds, a shockwave will erupt, delivering true damage.
  • True damage ignores all buffs and debuffs, merely removing a certain amount of HP or a set percentage.

Blade-Flourish Moon

  • When Spiral Abyss characters deliver numerous strikes in 2 seconds with normal, charged, or plunge attacks, the Blade-Flourish Moon blessing will activate. For the next 8 seconds, their damage from such strikes will increase by 5%.
  • This buff can stack up to 15 times before removal when the player exits the field.
  • Plunge strikes are mentioned in two of the leaked blessings, which many believe is more proof of the Xiao rerun’s release.
  • According to sources, Ganyu, who is famed for his charged strikes, will appear again. Because these two characters may take advantage of the 2.4 Spiral Abyss blessings, they may include the banners in the update.

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