Genshin Impact: The Chasm Coming In Patch 2.4, Says Leaker

Genshin Impact The Chasm Coming In Patch 2.4, Says Leaker

Genshin Impact version 2.2 was launched hardly two weeks ago, and version 2.3 would take some time to come out. Yet such is the hype of the game that we have some brand-new information for you regarding not version 2.3, but version 2.4! While Version 2.3 is all set to bring in new characters like Arataki Itto and Gorou, it appears that version 2.4 will bring in a whole new region. Here’s all we know about it.

The Leak

According to a famous and reliable Genshin leaker, Ubatcha, the new region called The Chasm might be made accessible in version 2.4. This area has been visible on the Teyvat map since the launch of Genshin Impact. So many fans knew that at some point in the game, they will be able to explore the area.

“I can vouch for the same info that 2.4 will bring Yunjin with no news on Shenhe’s release (from my info), I can also add that 2.4 should also bring a new area – Likely to be the Chasm”, @Ubatcha1 tweeted.

Fans are getting hyped to finally be able to enter this area, and are planning out their journeys in advance. But the fact is that Genshin Impact 2.4 is still quite far away and might not release until February 2022. Version 2,3 is yet to be launched and might release sometime at the end of November or starting of December. So, following that pattern 2.4 won’t roll out till at least mid-January 2022.

The Chasm

The Chasm is an area located to the west of Lisha, Liyue. It is the primary source of ores in the nation. In the recent in-game occurrence, a series of mysterious accidents led the entire mine to be closed. This put its workers out of a job for the time being.

The Chasm will likely be smaller than a full-blown region like Inazuma. In fact, it might just function as an extension of Liyue, similar to Dragonspine. Esther remarked that the Chasm’s climate is completely different from the rest of Liyue. Though she didn’t give any details on how but it sure will be interesting to explore.

Currently, it’s shown as a black area on the map but with version 2.4, it might be made accessible. You can also expect a few new quests, events, and other rewards from The Chasm region as well as one or two new characters. It might also be a great place to get some of the resources that you might need for character ascensions. Till then, do not take this information too seriously, and let us first wait for version 2.3 to come out.

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