Genshin Impact Thoma Abilities Reveal

Recently it was revealed that Thoma will be making his appearance in Genshin Impact in update 2.2. Thoma occupies an important role in the story of Inazuma, and while players were wondering when he would be released as a playable character, the recent leaks have given hope that we will be seeing him soon in the game.

New leaks have brought to light the abilities that the 4-star Kamisato Clan housekeeper will have when he enters the game.

Pyro Polearm Wielder

  • Thoma will be a Pyro polearm wielder, as per leaks. However, he is unlike any other polearm-wielding character in Genshin so far as all polearm wielders are unique.
  • He will benefit from HP in the game, and seems to be a mix between Xingqui and Zhongli, as he can provide shields and off-field pyro damage in a team.
  • Thoma will have his own unique style of spear fighting in Normal Attacks as seen in a video leak that exhibits his abilities. At the end of his string attacks, he has a powerful throw that can deal damage at range.

Elemental Burst

  • Thoma’s Elemental Burst and Skill provide huge benefits. His Elemental Skill is Blazing Blessing. It can deal pyro damage by infusing normal attacks with pyro; also creates a shield that can scale off of his max HP.
  • His Burst, Scorching Panoply, is even better, providing a highly efficient off-field Pyro application. It creates a “flaming armor” that causes AoE pyro eruptions when the character attacks.
  • It also refreshes his shield, creating shield uptime between Skill and Burst. The Scorching Panoply will also deal with Pyro attacks when Thoma is off-screen, similar to Xiangling’s off-screen attack.


As Thoma is about to make an entrance in a few weeks, players can start preparing to take him on as a playable character. The leaks about his abilities show some interesting and investable characteristics that players will not want to miss out on!

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