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According to a recent leak on the renowned Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, update 2.6 will include two popular banner reruns. This will feature two Anemo characters, Venti and Kazuha. Given that various leaks have pretty much verified the entrance of two completely new characters, Kamisato Ayato and Shikanoin Heizou. They will most likely be on the same double banner cycle.

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Venti has the upper hand in terms of team composition versatility, thanks to his crowd control powers and exploration potential. He is still one of the best characters in the game. This is despite being the first limited five-star character to be released.

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He can combine elemental reactions, shred elemental resistances, and restore his own elemental burst. This makes him an excellent choice for the fabled Spiral Abyss, which is becoming increasingly difficult.

Kazuha and Venti in 2.6 by NoLifeGuard from Genshin_Impact_Leaks


Kazuha is rather simple to build, as Elemental Mastery is the major stat to focus on. When it comes to picking the right artifact, players typically follow the 3/4 rule, which states that an artifact is decent if it includes three out of four desired sub-stats, given that the primary stat is correct. Fortunately, players rarely use their Elemental Mastery artifact pieces, so Kazuha should be simple to build.

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Kazuha was initially disliked by the Genshin Impact community. As players finished grinding for his build, he proved to be one of the best support characters in the game. Fans sometimes think he is a weaker version of Venti because they both have an Elemental Burst. Most gamers overlooked his ability to boost damage for his party members, which is far more effective against stronger opponents.

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