Genshin Impact: Yae Sakura (All You Need To Know)

In Genshin Impact, character leaks are frequent, and the majority of them have proven to be true. According to the most recent rumored leaks for miHoYo’s RPG, a new character named Yae will be introduced. Yae, however, has previously appeared in official promotional materials, unlike other newly declassified characters.

Character Leak

  • Character leaks for Genshin Impact are usually reliable. However, this is an uncommon example of miHoYo revealing a sneak peek of Yae before she’s verified as playable.
  • New Genshin Impact characters such as Gorou and Kokomi have been depicted in 3D by fans. These were based on supposed datamine leaks.
  • Similarly, in the last few months, 3D renders of Yae have hit the web, based on both an apparent datamine and the Chibi-style persona displayed in the 1.5 broadcasts.
  • There’s no formal statement on when Yae will be playable, so when can gamers expect to see her in the game?

Will she be playable?

MiHoYo has already shown off characters such as Yoimiya and Sayu, presumably for Genshin’s next update. This means that characters like Yae are unlikely to be playable in the near future.

With the increased focus on the Inazuma region, Yae could emerge as an NPC as soon as the next patch, similar to how other characters like Tartaglia have been launched and then become playable afterward.

Yae’s appearance in-game is further complicated by the fact that another Genshin Impact character, Guuji Yae, was already showcased by miHoYo in 2019.

While the identities may be a random occurrence and the two characters are unrelated, it’s also possible that Yae’s model is a reimagining of Guuji Yae, who is scheduled to arrive in Inazuma.

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