Leaks have become common for Genshin Impact. Yun Jin is a relatively new addition to the playable characters of Genshin Impact. She will be making her debut in the game along with Shenhe. She was also already a part of the game’s storyline. A recent leak has revealed her combat talents.


Genshin Impact revealed Yun Jin as a playable character in late November. She is a polearm wielder, while she uses the Geo element. She might also be the first Dendro or an Anemo character. Yun Jin is expected to be a 4-star character.

Yun Jin also possesses musical skills. These skills are expected to be a part of her character. She is also a skilled dancer, singer, and brewer. She is said to have worked at Heyu Tea House. Yun Jin is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe. She is a well-known person at Liyue Harbor’s opera scene.

Image Courtesy: Genshin Impact Wiki


Yun Jin is a polearm character. A new leak has revealed the descriptions for her Combat Talents.

  • Normal Attack: Five consecutive Polearm strikes
  • Cliffbreaker’s Banner: Yun Jin will deal with Cryo damage. All nearby team members will be granted a Flying Clod Flag formation. Yun Jin Normal attacks will also deal more damage.
  • Whirling Opener:
  • Tap E: Yun Jin will use her spear in Cloud-Grazing Form. It will deal Geo damage
  • Hold E: Yun Jin will charge up in a special stance. She will form a shield that absorbs damage based on her maximum HP level. Yun Jin will be able to convert the stored up energy into Geo attack

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