The latest leak of Genshin Impact 2.4 shows solid promises of prospective Yunjin gameplay, but the only drawback that appears to us is that it’s of terrible quality. Due to this significant drawback, it is becoming quite difficult to confirm or debunk the latest leak.

The leak seems to be very pixelated, but vaguely players can make out how Yunjin would look. This video leak is bare of a few short seconds. Mostly, the video shows Yunjin walking and some circle shape appearing beside her.

Regrettably, this leak does not provide a crystal clear idea about Yunjin’s vision or what her rarity includes. However, there have been other leaks pertaining to Genshin Impact 2.4, which does shed some light on the topic, but they seem to be completely separate from the video leak.

Yunjin Gameplay Leak

So far, from the video leak, we know what the character of Yunjin would look like. Still, it is difficult to tell if it is a legitimate video but is it a video that Genshin Impact Yunjin fans would want to check out. Few Reddit users have hinted at how this leaked video might make use of MMD, i.e., MikuMikuDance with a model like Yunjin.

fter which, the makers of this video might have pixelated the material to such a degree that players and fans cannot say that it is a fake video. Few other players suspect that a spherical object might resemble some sort of a moon. In contrast, other leaks suggest that the character Yunjin probably will be a four-star Anemo character based on the occasional leak published previously in the Xiao Mains subreddit.

Based on what we know about Genshin Impact’s twenty-one-day banner cycles, Yunjin’s release date will fall somewhere between 4th January 2021 or 25th January 2021.    

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