Project Celestia has leaked the remainder of the upcoming protagonists arriving at Genshin Impact in Patch 2.0. This includes Gorou, who may be the first Geo bow-user. Even with miHoYo’s requests, the data mining society has unearthed all of the most recent content hidden inside the 2.0 beta division.

On Project Celestia’s official Twitter account, there are a plethora of leaked characters to consider, including models. If you want more information, you can go over their account. But two characters, in particular, grabbed many people’s attention.

Who is Gorou?

  • Gorou, a young fellow with fox-like ears similar to Sucrose’s, is a Geo bow-wielding persona. If this is correct, he would be the first playable protagonist to do so.
  • He is a colleague of Kazuha which is said to be compassionate and empathetic while asserting his opinion. This character may be important to Inazuma’s tale, and gamers will almost certainly encounter him as they make the journey through the latest territory.

Who is Sara?

  • Sara, a persona who has surfaced in both Kazuha’s teaser and voice lines, has also been disclosed by Genshin Impact 2.0 leaks.
  • Kujyo Sara is the name of this character, and she works in full compliance with Raiden Shogun’s wishes. Her weapon type and other details are undetermined, but she holds an Electro vision, which has a high status in Inazuma.
  • As a Shogun agent, gamers will almost certainly collide with her, which indicates she could emerge as both a playable character and a villain, comparable to Childe.

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