The most recent major leak in the GTA community is about the unscheduled but unmistakably coming GTA 6. We already know that GTA 5 will be added to the new-gen of consoles on the 11th of November. Furthermore, GTA Online will become a standalone game. Now, it appears that the multiplayer feature will be included in the sequel’s branding.

Given that the standalone edition of GTA Online is expected to surpass GTA 5, we wouldn’t be shocked if the leak is real. The multiplayer mode appears to be playing a big role in GTA 6’s unveil and continuous promotional campaign.

GTA Online

In-Game Events

According to the rumors, Rockstar will use in-game activities for both the official statement and future advertising. This implies that there will be multiple events. These should be live events in the manner that you must be online at the precise moment they occur. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on videos on YouTube or related sites.

Fans quickly compared this apparent reveal strategy to the type of live-event campaigns used by the wildly successful Fortnite. Notably, Fortnite conducts live events not just for itself but also for external features like Marvel and Star Wars.


With this speculation of GTA 6-related live episodes in GTA Online, and Rockstar’s increasingly prominent partnerships with real-life musicians, the setup of GTA Online for more promotional uses in the future seems all the more probable.

The only question remains if these rumors are true. Given GTA Online’s big following, it’s obviously as effective a platform for bulletins and promos as any other, and this action might be the logical progression in its development.

GTA Online's The Diamond Casino & Resort

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