Whenever the word video game is heard, GTA undoubtedly pops up in every gamer’s mind. Ever since GTA Vice City launched in 2002, the GTA series has been a sensation. Additionally, GTA V went on to become one of the greatest games of our time. Therefore, GTA VI is highly anticipated, and this anticipation gives birth to a lot of leaks and rumors.

The Leak

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Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Over the past few months, we have had a lot of leaks and rumors about the return of the Vice City map in GTA VI. We also heard rumors about the new game featuring two protagonists, possibly a male and a female. But what we have for you today is going to blow your mind. It is not so much of a rumor but a very believable leak.

A voice actor called Dave Jackson took to Facebook to reveal the character he is playing in GTA VI. In the tweet, he claimed that he is playing the character called Captain McClane, who is probably the protagonist of GTA VI. He also reveals that this McClane character is a police chief. Ring any bells? It does to anyone who has ever seen a Die-Hard movie that features the cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) as the protagonist.


  • After looking it up on LinkedIn, we found Dave Jackson who is a voice-over actor at Home Studio. His recent projects in the gaming industry included Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff as Steve Bellows, and Legion VR.
  • If indeed this is the same David Jackson, then it is a pretty official and believable leak. Also, since that Facebook post from his account, was quickly taken down, there is definitely something fishy. After the post was removed, Tom Henderson, a reliable leaker put its screenshot on Twitter. This also suggests that GTA VI is much earlier in development than the “GTA insiders” are claiming.
  • One thing is for sure, we are up for some amazing new information about GTA VI in the upcoming days or months. It’s about damn time!

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