Another leak is making its rounds around the gaming universe; revealing that GeForce might soon have some PlayStation exclusive titles headed to PC. This leak was given by a person called Ighor July. He used “a hacked version of the GeForce Now client to get a list of all games the client is prepared to handle”.

  • The Medium article of Ighor was posted on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours and PC gamers were then able to analyze the results. This A C++ developer unearthed a list of games for GeForce Now.
  • On this list the most exciting part is the inclusion of 3D trilogy remasters for GTA. Alongside this, through the list fans and players got an idea that GTA Liberty City will be developed by Lucid Games and will get a PC port.

GeForce NOW Database Leak

The news about GTA remastered trilogy has everyone excited. This is the second time that fans and players got a whiff of it. Fans have been positively waiting in anticipation for the release of a 3D trilogy remaster ever since this rumor started.

Nvidia runs GeForce Now which is a cloud gaming service. It functions quite similar to PS Now and Stadia to name a few. GeForce Now is also available on Windows, Android, iOS, Chromebook devices, MacOS, and Shield TV. This cloud gaming service enables players to stream remotely and even play video games through using the provider’s server.

Rockstar Games has been crowned the “king of open-world games in the gaming industry” because of the GTA 3D Universe trilogy. To this day and time, GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are played all around the globe and continue to remain a fan favorite. The fans of these games have their own dedicated fan community that tries to “mod the game and keep it fresh”. While fans are longingly waiting for news about GTA 6 release, a remaster of these games is sure going to cheer everyone up!

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