GTA Remasters Might Take Longer Than Expected According To Insider

Grand Theft Auto series is one of the biggest phenomena in the gaming world in the past two decades. Rockstar Games has achieved through GTA, which most publishers only dream to achieve. Late millennials and Generation Z, especially, have grown up with the GTA series and it has become an inseparable part of their lives.

GTA 1 and 2 established the series as a boss in the gaming world and GTA 5 took it to unprecedented heights. Last week, we updated you about how GTA: Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA III are getting remastered for the latest consoles. With their massive open-world and intriguing storylines, they very well deserve the remastered versions. But today what we have for you is bad news.

Releasing Late


According to the previous information we had, the GTA trilogy remaster was supposed to come out this fall. We got pretty excited about the launch of the remastered series, but it seems like the information was wrong. Well, not all the information but one major detail.

Tom Henderson, an industry insider took to Twitter to inform fans about what he knows. According to him, all the information we previously brought to you is right but the release date speculation is inaccurate. He stated that the launch time frame isn’t correct and will be sometime in 2022.

“I wasn’t going to mention the GTA Remastered Trilogy, because everything I’ve heard has been covered – The only difference is that I don’t believe the launch time frame is correct,” tweeted @_Tom_Henderson_

What This Means

It is quite clear what this means i.e., we will not be getting the trilogy to remaster just yet. We will be getting it sometime next year. Henderson failed to mention the exact time frame, so it could be anytime in 2022. It could be the beginning of the year or the end of the year for all we know. This is disappointing news for the fans who were waiting for it and got hyped about its release this fall.

Anyways, the remastered versions of GTA Trilogy will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Till then, let us wait for some official information from Rockstar Games and not take these rumors too seriously. GTA III will celebrate its 20th Anniversary this October, and some official information might be revealed then.

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