Half-Life 2 Preparing For Steam Deck With New Update

Although Valve’s Half-Life 2 was launched over 15 years ago, it remains one of Steam’s most popular games. Countless Gordon Freeman aficionados are expecting the Steam Deck to debut with a new game on the handheld console/PC hybrid. Valve has taken advantage of the opportunity to adjust the game with a number of enhancements that will benefit everyone, not just Steam Deck players who will begin acquiring the device in December.

  • Valve has provided a beta for Half-Life 2, according to YouTuber Tyler McVicker. While there is no comprehensive description, it appears that it is to reconfigure the interface to Steam Deck’s resolution, 1280 x 800.
  • This HUD can now be any resolution, such as widescreen on desktop monitors.
  • Other features include the ability to adjust the field of view (FOV) to 110 without having to edit the.DLL files, as well as support for ultra-wide monitors.

Steam Deck Compatibility

Valve has confirmed that it will examine the full Steam collection for compatibility with Steam Deck, incorporating a framework that will assign a grade based on one of four levels: Verified, Playable, Not Compatible, or Unknown. Apart from Half-Life: Alyx VR like all other VR-only titles, is not structured for the Steam Deck, Valve clearly wants their games to have the best possible rating.

Game Compatibility

Verified Playable
Unsupported Unknown

These classifications will be depicted by the icons shown in the image below and will be easily recognizable in the Steam Store on Deck at a brief look.

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