Image Courtesy of Avalanche Software

The Harry Potter game has been the subject of increasing speculations since the September 2020 PlayStation Showcase’s announcement. Hogwarts Legacy is the topic of new speculations when its release date was leaked owing to the launch of a “making-of” book on the game. But this time, it’s the company behind the next Harry Potter video game that is the root of the report – Avalanche Software.

RetroRaconteur is the YouTuber who recently posted a video about it.

Without considering himself as a leaker, but instead as a video game enthusiast. His introduction reveals that he was approached by numerous individuals working on Hogwarts Legacy, and he discusses what he learned from them.

We can’t confirm these statements 100%. So we’ll need to take them with a grain of salt before validating them. To make his claim more credible, he claims that two persons approached him and spoke to him about the same topics.

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Open World Hogwarts Legacy?

But what exactly does he mean? He says that the art direction of Breath of the Wild, The Last of Us: Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima were all big influences on Avalanche Software’s approach. Exploration, stealth, and fighting elements will all allegedly be included in the game.

Additionally, special dungeons will be introduced, which would require a party to explore. The open-world game would also have multiple regions, each with numerous towns and non-playable characters with distinct personalities. With the use of specific questlines, relationships between characters would keep players interested and involved in the game.

Image Courtesy of Avalanche Software
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