MMO veterans NCSoft looks to be developing a game based on the Horizon universe. South Korean website MTN was the first to report that they spoke to sources within NCSoft. According to them, they recently partnered with Sony reaching an agreement to develop the MMO, which they now call “Project H”. There has been no denial of the rumors on Sony’s end, further fueling the speculation on the project.

A Horizon MMO Looks Appealing

Horizon shows one of the most imaginative post-apocalyptic universes in recent times. A somewhat primitive world marred by the advanced technology of the past would be an ideal setting for an MMORPG. There are even many angles NCSoft could approach the development. They could go straight for Aloy’s period or even the Red Raids.

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The consensus is that the game would feel similar to Monster Hunter. People would join together to hunt and look for parts to upgrade their gear. It’s also possible to introduce large-scale raid boss types of mechanical beasts that require a party or guild to complete. These games tend to be highly successful in all aspects, as we look at recent successes in Monster Hunter and even Elden Ring.

NCSoft is now a rookie, as they developed the highly successful Guild Wars 2 and are also responsible for the Lineage series. South Korea looks to be one of the pinnacles of development for the genre following the rise of successes like Lost Ark. Sony outsourcing their games to a trusted developer isn’t new. A successful project between the two can create bonds for a long-term partnership.

Sony’s Focus on Multiplayer

What adds more credence to the rumor is Sony’s recent focus on adding and developing multiplayer games. Rumors suggest Bungie began developing a survival shooter akin to Escape from Tarkov. The game will revive one of their older projects, Marathon.

There has also been news that Naughty Dog has been actively exploring options for The Last of Us multiplayer. They recently hired a Ubisoft veteran to learn more about Battle Pass features. They are also hard at work developing an online cooperative game.

Recent news also suggested Sony wants to add more live-service games to their roster after expanding the PS Plus service. Horizon looks to be one of the projects they’d like to cultivate. There is also Horizon Call of the Mountain, their featured PSVR2 game released alongside the new technology.

The Future Looks Bright for Horizon

Horizon: Forbidden West had many favorable reviews after its launch. It further fleshed out Aloy’s world and its storied history. There is still much potential untapped within the PlayStation Five. Because of this, Sony might be looking into developing Horizon 3 sooner rather than later. We’ll enjoy the current projects and other Sony-published hits like God of War: Ragnarok while we wait.

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