Inazuma’s Sacred Sakura Tree – All You Need To Know

Gamers from the Genshin Impact will arrive shortly in Inazuma. Many people believe the Electro Archon’s region could have its own distinct elements and dangers, based on a steady stream of leaked data.  The speculated Sacred Sakura Tree, which will provide precious rewards to gamers who advance through its system, is among the most noteworthy Inazuma qualities.

Sacred Sakura Tree

  • Comparable to the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine, players will gather materials that power up the Sacred Sakura Tree.
  • Then, gamers will advance through this latest attribute and obtain worthwhile incentives by gathering Electro sigils and bringing them to the tree.
  • The Sacred Sakura Tree has 50 tiers, and travelers will need to gather 25 Electro sigils for each one. As a result, getting the tree to its full potential will almost certainly be a difficult task.

  • The Sacred Sakura Tree, on the other hand, is critical for exploration in Inazuma. Electrograna, which provides protection against Inazuma’s environmental harm, will improve as the tree levels up.
  • The Sacred Sakura Tree serves as a guardian to Inazuma, granting players entry to more zones of the Electro region in exchange for more Electro Sigils.

New Wishes?

  • For advancing the tree, Genshin is likely to reward a sum of 30 wishes. The Sacred Sakura Tree can grant up to 20 Intertwined Fate for event banners and 10 Acquaint Fate for regular banners.
  • Five Crowns of Insight are also possible rewards from the tree. These items can raise a character’s talent level to the maximum, but they’re extremely rare. If crowns are awarded by the Sacred Sakura Tree, gamers should make sure to get them and use them!
  • All leaked data is subject to change, as is the case with any other source of information. Before version 2.0, MiHoYo may restructure the name or alter the functionality of the Sacred Sakura Tree. So keep this in mind!

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