Is DenisDaily’s Mug Shot Real? Roblox Streamer Arrest Speculations

On June 4, rumors of Roblox streamer DenisDaily getting arrested for alleged tax evasion went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Reddit after the Youtuber uploaded an alleged mug shot. However, the rumors of the arrest of Denis Nazarov are false as there isn’t any evidence suggesting an actual arrest.

According to a FreshersLIVE report, Nazarov’s arrest seemingly spread after the publication of a now-deleted satirical article on the fake news website ‘The Babylon Bee’ with the headline “Roblox YouTuber DenisDaily arrested for Tax evasion.” The article was written as satire, but some netizens mistook it for news and shared their concerns about the rumors.

Why did DenisDaily share a mug shot?

After Roblox YouTuber DenisDaily’s arrest rumors began circulating online, he shared a witty response through his Twitter account. He uploaded an edited mug shot with the caption “addressing my arrest soon.” The Tweet quickly went viral, garnering 19.2K likes and over 500K views.

  • Following the Tweet, fans and community members joined the hoax by raising speculations about Nazarov’s arrest claims and sharing their reactions to the mug shot of DenisDaily. As of writing, the popular YouTuber hasn’t followed up with any official statements that addressed his original Tweet raising anticipation among his fans.

  • On June 5, DenisDaily did share a photo with his dog Masha after his viral Tweet. Happy birthday to the Roblox YouTuber streamer!

Who is DenisDaily?

Born as Denis Nazarov in Edmonton, Canada, DenisDaily is one of the most popular Roblox YouTube streamers. He joined the platform in March 2016 and gained 9.31 Million subscribers with over 3.9 Billion views. He is also a former member of the Google video-sharing platform base group, The Pals.

In a close to 30-minute video titled “Draw My Life- Seven years later,” Denis shared his reasons for choosing Roblox over other famous games, including Minecraft. He stated that he was wondering if there is a single-player YouTube streamer who hasn’t played Minecraft.

  • As he couldn’t remember any, he decided on Roblox, which he and his team used to play in their childhood. He further shared that although Minecraft was a trending game in 2016 when he began his YouTube career, Roblox was rising in charts and quickly gaining popularity.

“In terms of popularity, Minecraft was up there on charts while Roblox was way down. But Minecraft’s grap showed a gradual downward trend. Meanwhile, Roblox appeared something like an upward spike in the graph,” he said.

  • Continuing his success with The Pals, he shared that it was completely surreal. He had been making videos since he was 11 years old (eight years), and it was surprising when they began to gain more views in one day than the total views of the eight years combined. “We were blowing up faster than any could imagine. I don’t think any of us understood the scale of our popularity.”

Around three weeks before the rumors of his arrest went viralDenisDaily launched his DenisNightly series. In the premiere, he interviewed Jake “Jayingee” in the pattern of late-night talk shows. Fans are looking forward to the interviews of other prominent Roblox figures in upcoming episodes.

  • Due to this, some believe that the slow updates of the famous YouTuber are the cause of his alleged arrest. Seeing how DenisDaily addresses his arrest rumors and viral mug shot will be interesting.

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