Rhenz Abando to sign with Golden State Warriors, rumor or true

Somehow, Gilas Pilipinas standout Rhenz Abando continues to make waves even after the FIBA World Cup. Despite the national team getting a losing record (1-4), Abando showed to the world that he is the next big thing. Well, his name is becoming the talk of basketball town. After an exceptional outing in the WC group stage, Abando is now being connected to an NBA team – the Golden State Warriors. Is this all just a rumor or is Abando really going to be the first Filipino in the NBA?

Is Rhenz Abando really signing with the Golden State Warriors?

While this information sounds very appealing to Filipino fans, it’s just like any other fake news some content creators sparked to get views and attention. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Rhenz Abando is not signing with the NBA, let alone the Warriors. In fact, the high-flying star even debunked the rumor through his Instagram story, stating it’s “fake news”.

Rhenz Abando reacts to rumor
Courtesy of Rhenz Abando (via Instagram)

Aside from Abando’s statement, there has been no official information from any reliable sources. Most videos circulating on the internet right now are just speculations and hoaxes. Right now, there’s no truth to Rhenz Abando working out an agreement with the Warriors. Indeed, content creators are akin to overhyping Filipino players. A great example of that is Kai Sotto. The 21-year-old NBA hopeful has been the topic of millions of videos online despite being undrafted in the 2022 NBA draft. Shockingly, these video bloggers take the next step by making Abando a worldwide sensation.

But, it wouldn’t be surprising if Golden State or any NBA team took notice of Abando’s performance

Rhenz Abando, 25, currently plays in the Korean Basketball League (KBL) under Anyang KGC. In just his first year there, Abando already made headlines as he helped the team to another championship. Moreover, he won many awards as a rookie. The former Letran forward is known for his emphatic dunks and high leaping ability.

Although he was only given limited minutes during the World Cup, Abando did pretty well for Gilas Pilipinas. Standing at only 6 feet and 2 inches, Abando shocked the world with his elite defensive skills. In 5 games, he averaged 1.2 blocks a night (5th best in the WC) and a decent 5.2 points and 2.2 rebounds in 14 minutes of play. His heart, passion, dedication, and hustle made him an important piece for Gilas. Even NBA player Kyle Anderson, who played for China, praised Rhenz Abando’s performance during their 75-96 loss to the Philippines. Unfortunately, he will be unavailable to play for Gilas in the upcoming Asian Games.

Rhenz Abando getting comparisons to NBA superstar Ja Morant

Lately, Philippines’ Rhenz Abando is being compared to Memphis Grizzlies superstar, Ja Morant. He’s even given the nickname “Air Abando” which makes sense because of his dunking ability. Aside from that, Abando is a superb defender which makes him a great asset for any team. While being put in the same sentence as Ja Morant is a bit of a reach, fans can’t deny they’re a bit identical at times.

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