2022 has been a wild year for wrestling, and many conversations revolve around one name: CM Punk. A year after his return to the industry, he found himself suspended indefinitely. For those who aren’t in the loop, the events happened after All Out 2022 or Brawl Out, as the fans jokingly call it.

After the pay-per-view, CM Punk went on a tirade in front of the media, calling out AEW founders, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page. He implied they were not good at their jobs, and issues surfaced because of their incompetence. After calling them out, the group reportedly had a brawl in the locker room, which led to the suspension of everyone.

The Current AEW Sentiment for CM Punk

According to various wrestling reporters and insiders, no one in the locker room wants CM Punk to return. The stance on his short tenure has been negative, especially with how things ended before his suspension. His trainer, Ace Steel, who was also involved in the fight, was released by AEW a week ago. Many believe that CM Punk is also on his way out, but AEW executives are still working on the details.

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According to Dave Meltzer, Tony Khan and other executives want to buy out the remaining time in CM Punk’s contract, effectively releasing him. However, they want to place a non-compete clause with this agreement. The reason they’re so adamant about this is because of the competition.

Will CM Punk Return to WWE?

Back during the Vince McMahon era, CM Punk was never one to agree to return to WWE. The closest it got was him hosting a WWE show sponsored by Fox, so he didn’t have to deal with WWE executives. He also has bad blood with the current man running the show, Paul Levesque (Triple H). The man is now in charge of talent relations and creative, making him the go-to person for any potential return.

Triple H has iterated that he wants to place a blank slate on all wrestlers who once worked in WWE. He doesn’t mind setting things aside if it means the wrestler can help WWE improve their ratings and make money. However, he has also admitted that there are many challenges that they need to overcome to make it work.

There is no doubt big money in CM Punk wrestling for a big promotion. So many untold stories and possible dream matches with the current WWE roster. However, it’s best to place it as improbable, given his relationship with the company and current issues.

Some executives who learned about Brawl Out have no plans of bringing him into WWE. He still does have some friends there, but convincing them may take some effort.

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In the likely chance that nothing happens after his release from AEW, this could mean the end for CM Punk. There is nowhere else with the money he desires except AEW and WWE. He might retire once his dealings in AEW finish.

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