Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner reportedly getting a divorce; Is it true?

There are reports that Hollywood’s one of the most famous and beloved couples is heading for separation. On September 3, TMZ broke the news that Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner are going through rough times in their marriage, which might bring an end to their relationship with a divorce. Here’s everything we know.

Are Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner getting a divorce?

As per the reports of TMZ, Joe Jonas is searching for a competent divorce lawyer. The media outlet lists various reasons supporting their exclusive report, including the on-and-off appearance of the couple’s wedding band in Joe’s pictures.

  • One of the media outlets’ sources that are close to the couple shares that Joe is meeting with various Los Angeles-based divorce attorneys after going through ‘serious marital troubles’ for six months. As per People, he has retained a suitable attorney.
  • Furthermore, the reports claim that for the past three months, Joe was singularly taking care of their two daughters. He also took them on tour around the United States while he performed. The couple has also sold their Miami mansion, which they bought roughly a year ago.
  • All of these reports allegedly support the claims that all is not well between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. However, the couple hasn’t shared any responses to the news yet. As the reports confirm that Joe Jonas has retained a divorce lawyer, the suspicion regarding his frayed relationship remains.

Netizens react

Joe and Sophie met in 2016, and their chemistry hit off the roof from the beginning. Just a year later, they got engaged and tied the knot in two ceremonies in Las Vegas and France. In 2020, they welcomed their first daughter, and two years later, they were blessed with a second daughter.

  • The couple also quickly became one of the netizens’ all-time favorites due to their silly encounters with the paparazzi. They often noted that Joe and Sophie seem to share a bond of friendship and a similar sense of humor, making them ‘couple goals.’
  • Due to this, netizens couldn’t believe the divorce rumors circulating. Most people and fans of the two celebrities decided not to jump to any conclusions or believe the reports until one of them confirmed the news and details. Read some of their reactions below.

More about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The celebrated couple was not only busy in their private lives during the past four years but also successfully occupied in their careers. The 34-year-old singer was busy on tour while the 27-year-old actress continued to pursue various projects.

  • Sophie got together with Joe right after her show Game of Thrones ended. In a candid interview with Ella UK last year, she shared that her relationship was the next thing she moved her focus to following her role as Sansa Stark. She also shared that she would’ve felt lost if she hadn’t found Joe at the right time.
  • Meanwhile, Joe also gave a shoutout to his ‘homie’ when he received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. He also called her his partner in crime and shared that he wishes to be as cool as her. During the same event, he shared his love that ‘goes to the moon and back’ for his two daughters.

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