Following Eula’s Born of Ocean Swell Banner, Klee’s Rerun Banner has been verified, indicating that players will not have to wait very long.

June 9 June 30
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If you already possess the pyromaniac, now is a great way to test for her Stella Fortuna, which enables you to use her Constellations.

Klee Rerun

Klee is a fan-favorite, Spark Knight. However, due to her 5★ rarity, she’s extremely difficult to obtain unless you have your own Banner. Fortunately, her Re-run is arriving shortly, giving those who don’t already own the Pyro hero an opportunity to get her.

She’s among the most sought-after characters due to her strength, but due to her rarity, she was only obtainable in the Sparkling Steps Banner in late 2020. Even then, there was no assurance that you would win her. If you managed to miss out on her Wish event, there’s still hope!

Drop Rate

Klee’s drop percentage is believed to be similar to that of other rare campaign characters on Banners: if you score a 5★, there’s a 50% chance it will be Klee. If it isn’t, she’ll almost certainly be the next 5★ you pick.

The Pity system in Genshin also ensures a 5★ drop after 90 sequential Wishes without one. As the event approaches, enthusiasts have been accumulating this number in the anticipation of seeing her sooner.

All other 5★ on Klee’s Sparkling Steps Banner are still to be verified, but Fischl, Sucrose, and Barbara appear to be the most probable candidates, according to a recent datamine.

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