There have been a number of leaks in the Team Fight Tactics in recent hours. They might have exposed some vital information about the next character to be introduced in the League of Legends universe. Renata, a sorceress, would be the new character’s name. It is also possible that if the leaks are correct, we will meet the expected new support that the company vowed to offer in the early stages of 2022.

The mobile version of TFT in China is to bear responsibility for the current leaks that we’re discussing. On Reddit boards, a number of people revealed some eye-opening information, which has now been made private. Additionally, other followers like MonstrousYi on Twitter have saved some of this new evidence.

Who is Renata?

TFT 6.5’s new champions will include Renata. Riot may then use Renata as a prototype for one of his upcoming creations.

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We’ve also seen an image of her and it clearly shows that she’s wearing a metallic mask reminiscent of Zaun’s underworld, from which she will emerge. The TFT leak shows she will cost 4 gold and be a Technochemist and Scholar.

Set 6.5 leaks including new champion Renata from CompetitiveTFT

It appears like this position is perfect for Renata. Thus, it is more than probable that the leaks that we have shown you are credible and that they will keep developing over the next several weeks. Even with all of this knowledge, it’s still best to take it all with a grain of salt and be observant. Whatever the case may be, Riot Games will reveal its next official champion soon enough, so all we have to do is wait! 😊

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