League of Legends: New Champ Vex, Release Date + Abilities

Riot Games vowed in late 2020 that anything connected to League of Legends will be tied to a game-wide celebration called “Sentinels of Light.” Up to this point, they’ve delivered on their pledge, with new champions Viego, Gwen, and Akshan starring prominently in the Ruination narrative. It appears that the champ for 2021 would be the same as well. The latest League of Legends leaks have exposed the “gloomy mage” first discovered in June 2020, but there have been a few adjustments.

The Gloomy Mage: Vex

  • The Gloomy Mage might be Yuumi’s missing maestro, according to a widely known League myth. The yordle vanished after teleporting to a scary place with the Book of Thresholds.
  • Riot teased that the melancholy sorcerer might prefer to be isolated in the beginning. A gateway beyond Bandle City to the Shadow Isles, similar to one that the Book of Thresholds might unlock, is in the imagery. The champ’s appearance and possibly mythology, has changed mildly since then.

Release Date + Abilities

Vex is unlikely to appear anytime in the near future, as Riot has transitioned the Gloomy Mage back in the LoL timeline marginally, putting Akshan ahead of Vex. Speculations say that Vex might be out in Patch 11.16

  • The game’s 14th yordle champion is an “artillery mage” at first.  It could render her resemble the well-known hyper-carrier Kog’Maw. Conversely, Riot development team changed their minds mid-design and made Vex more like a typical burst mage. Vex’s launch date change due to this adjustment.

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