Fans of Battlefield 2042 is the latest installment in the FPS shooter game. DICE has developed it, while EA publishes it. Recent leaks show that players will have to wait a tad bit longer until the first season is available. They will most likely have to wait months for Season 1.

The Leak

  • Battlefield 2042 Season 1 will begin in March. Dataminer Temporyal on Twitter announced this leak. They mentioned that the current client for Battlefield 2042 depicts twelve preseason weeks leading up to the release of Season 1.
  • Each of which will feature missions. Temporyal also indicated that DICE may have allowed for a few weeks of buffer. This implies that Season 1 might begin sooner than the data shows.

Other Battlefield 2042 updates have not been announced. The dataminer’s report provided some context for the in-game events. This will serve as the foundation for the introduction of the new map and subsequent updates. They appear to have the most impact on players who have allied with the US and Russian forces.

For Battlefield 2042 players in the United States, the leak suggests that there is “seismic activity” in British Columbia that just might harm a Canadian-US research center. This is a major landslide that damages the inside of the facility and its surroundings.

The collapse of the research center would prompt the Russian side to “wrongly suggest” that the disastrous landslide uncovered a military weapon, prompting them to deploy soldiers to take it.

Battlefield’s Status

Initially, the game displayed good sales. Battlefield 2042 premiered in a state that resulted in Metacritic review bombs and poor fan response on social media. One of the concerns that may have hampered the creation of Battlefield 2042 is that the DICE team working on it did not have enough time despite the fact that the game has already been postponed. It is clear that Battlefield 2042 players will have to wait a bit before Season 1 is released.

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