How did the Lizzo McDonald’s Meal rumor start? | Netizens React

Lizzo's McDonald's meal rumor goes viral

The pop singer Lizzo recently became a victim of body shaming with the rumor of a McDonald’s meal. The viral post claiming that the American singer is excited to release her daily diet went viral across social media as netizens joined in criticizing the meal and the fake post. Here’s a debunking of the alleged Lizzo McDonald’s Meal.

Warning: The article includes mentions of body shaming.

How did the Lizzo’s McDonald’s meal rumor begin?

The rumor of McDonald’s meal began on Facebook after a satirical page named Ingestible Memes shared an image by @outtapocketnews on September 3. The post made various claims for body shaming the singer while formatting the piece as a news report. They claimed the particular McDonald’s Lizzo meal includes ’10 burgers, 95 chicken nuggets, and six diet cokes.’

  • The page also attached an alleged quote from the 35-year-old singer expressing her happiness that her ‘daily meal’ will become part of the global food chain. However, this post is entirely fake as neither McDonald’s nor the singer has announced any event in line with the rumor.
  • Moreover, the post clearly aimed to ridicule the singer for her plus-size physique with claims of a larger fast food meal. As per Lizzo, she had stopped consuming fast food years ago after her fans criticized her weight.

Lizzo shared she stopped eating fast food years ago

The star singer previously shared an angry and frustrated response on her social media handle. In the now-deleted post, she admitted facing similar rumors about her daily, which is taking a toll on her. She said such rumors make her hate the world and tired of repeatedly explaining herself. Read the complete statement below:

“I JUST logged on and this is the type of sh*t I see about myself DAILY. It is starting to make me hate the world. Someone in the comments said ‘I eat a lot of food.’ I STOPPED EATING FAST FOOD YEARS AGO. I am tired of explaining myself REPEATEDLY and I just want to open this app without seeing my name in some bullsh*t”

  • Even after all this time, the jokes about her body are continuing. One can say that they have especially seen a spike in numbers after her controversial lawsuit that included various claims, including racial, religious, and se*ual discrimination.

Netizens react to the rumored Lizzo McDonald’s meal

Despite the McDonald’s meal sounding like a mere rumor and a low blow at Lizzo, many netizens believed the rumors. They quickly criticized the meal, especially as Lizzo is currently facing a lawsuit from her former dancers, which includes a claim of body shaming.

Lizzo body shaming jokes
Facebook comments (Image screenshot from Facebook)
  • Some of the netizens also joined in to laugh while stating that they shouldn’t be laughing but couldn’t help it. This rumor soon reached other social media platforms as people shared it as a ‘heart attack’ meal. Furthermore, they made fun of the mention of Diet Coke. Read some of their reactions below.

Lizzo hasn’t responded to the rumors as of writing the article, and she might not be ahead as these rumors aren’t new to the artist. Overall, one can conclude that an artist’s alleged misbehavior doesn’t give the right to cyberbully them with false claims.

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