Made In Abyss: Do TXT Soobin and NCT Taeyong Support The Dark Anime? Netizens React

K-pop Idols including TXT Soobin and NCT Taeyong receive backlash for reading Made In Abyss

The controversial manga turned anime, ‘Made In Abyss’, has placed many K-pop Idols, including TXT Soobin, NCT Taeyong, ATEEZ Mingi, SEVENTEEN Woozi, and more, under the scrutiny of fans for recommending, reading, and watching the series. Read ahead to find out why the series is so controversial and which Idols have admitted to allegedly enjoying it.

What is ‘Made In Abyss’ and why is it so controversial?

The anime series ‘Made In Abyss’ is a controversial manga adaptation with polarizing reviews. It has frequently received backlash for featuring horrible child abuse, torture, and physical and se*ual assault. On the other hand, the die-hard fans of its creator, Akihito Tsukushi, believe that the anime is thought-provoking.

The series was first published in 2017 and it follows the story of an orphaned girl, Riko, who befriends, a part-robot boy, Reg. Together they begin a search for Riko’s mother who has lost her way in ‘the abyss.’

The road to this Chasm stretches down into the depths of the earth and it is surrounded by alluring and dangerous magical relics and monsters. It is a particularly attractive place for Riko’s mother because she is a cave raider and Riko also dreams of following her footsteps someday.


In the journey, she encounters many morally indefensible circumstances created by the antagonist and an obsessed researcher Bondrewd. Although the show has won many awards including Anime Of The Year, it has repeatedly been criticized for fetishizing children and graphically portraying child abuse.

Netizens react to K-pop idols recommending the series

Recently, the clips of K-pop Idols including TXT Soobin, NCT Taeyong, SEVENTEEN Woozi, ATEEZ Mingi, and WEi’s Yongha. recommending the manga and the anime has resurfaced on social media. Many of the users are claiming that their comments about the series allegedly expose their preference for child abuse and p*dophilia.

Many of the netizens have also pointed out that the Idols’ comments such as ‘I liked it’ or ‘I enjoyed it’ are problematic as they defy the aim of media capturing triggering themes. Meanwhile, many have come to their defense saying that their recommendations are being taken out of context and it doesn’t mean that they promote or support child abuse.

The amount of subjects that Korean pop artists can discuss has always been limited. Many of them including BTS Namjoon and Red Velvet’s Irene have received immense backlash for reading feminist novels. As the response to ‘Made In Abyss’ has always been polarizing, it isn’t surprising that K-pop Idols are receiving backlash for talking about it.

However, taking their recommendations as a sign of their support for the controversial themes of the anime is rash. Even the anime’s author, who is frequently criticized for writing problematic themes, has never been critically criticized for depicting favoritism towards them. Overall, the Made In Abyss controversy once again challenges the polarising reviews of the anime and K-pop Idols’ image.

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