Marvel's Midnight Suns - Cover

One of the most anticipated releases this year is Marvel’s Midnight Suns. After its March 2022 release date was delayed, a new leak suggests it’s releasing on October 6 later this year. Read on to find out more.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is coming in three versions

In a recent tweet from Nils Ahrensmeier, they revealed that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will have three versions available for pre-orders soon. However, the image showcasing the three versions have since been taken down due to a “report from the copyright holder”. So just basing on that, it seems the information they revealed is somehow legitimate.

On the other hand, some users were quick to save the images of the three versions in case something like this happens. Check out the image below to get a look at the supposed versions for Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Marvel's Midnight Suns - Leaked Covers
Image Courtesy of Technik News
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Midnight Suns will feature different skins of Marvel icons

Moreover, Ahrensmeier revealed in newer tweets that the Enhanced and Legendary Edition of Midnight Suns include premium skins and a Season Pass. For the Enhanced Edition, players can get five premium skins with this version. And for the Legendary Edition, players get a whopping twenty-three premium skins as well as a Season Pass for Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Here’s a more detailed description of each Edition as well as which skins will be available.

Enhanced Edition

For the Enhanced Edition, players get the following:

  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns base game
  • Enhanced Premium Pack with five Premium Skins
    • Captain America (Future Soldier)
    • Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)
    • Magik (Phoenix 5)
    • Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm)
    • Wolverine (X-Force)

Legendary Edition

And for the Legendary Edition, here’s everything included in this version:

  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns base game
  • Legendary Premium Pack with twenty-three Premium Skins
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns Season Pass
    • The Season Pass includes four DLC packs. Moreover, each DLC pack introduces a new playable character as well as new enemies and missions to complete

Here are all the Premium Skins you get if you purchase the Legendary Edition of Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Hero Name Skins
Captain America
  • Future Soldier
  • Captain of the Guard
Captain Marvel
  • Mar-Vell
  • Medieval Marvel
  • Phoenix 5
  • New Mutant
Nico Minoru
  • Sister Grimm
  • Shadow Witch
  • X-Force
  • Cowboy Logan
  • Blade Hunter
  • Blade 1602
Iron Man
  • Iron Knight
  • Bleeding Edge
Ghost Rider
  • Spirit of Vengeance
  • Death Knight
Doctor Strange
  • Strange Future Supreme
Scarlet Witch
  • Boss Witch
  • Fallen SW
  • Symbiote
  • Demon
  • 2 skins for an Unannounced Hero


As with other leaks, take this information with a grain of salt

But without any confirmation from Firaxis or 2K Games, we should always take information like this with a grain of salt. On the other hand, this is making us excited for Marvel’s Midnight Suns and what it has in store for players.

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