Spiderman 2 Leaks

After highly successful Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, fans are rooting for the next installments for both. Both these games were filled with many easter eggs which hyped the fans for the future of these games. Your anticipation for the sequels will only increase after you read the information, we have for you!

The Shooting Begins?

According to a recent leak, it can be derived that Spider-Man 2 is under development and has commenced shooting. It’s not a surprise considering the success of the previous games and the foundation they built.

The leak was an image of Nadji Jeter in a motion capture suit and a headset. Nadji Jeter is a voice actor who voices Miles Morales (a popular version of Spider-Man) in the games. It was quickly taken down after being posted.

It does not necessarily say anything, but it does give a hint that Spider-Man 2 must-have begun filming. Unfortunately, this means that the game could be expected to release sometime in 2023 or later, and not in 2022. If Insomniac (the developer) pulls off some kind of miracle, only then it could release by the end of 2022. The good news is that it is happening, that is if the leak is to be believed.

Co-Op Feature

  • Earlier a rumor suggested that Spider-Man 2 could feature co-op gameplay, bringing together the characters from both games in some form of crossover events. It is a bit difficult to derive how exactly would the co-ops go but there seem to be a few options.
  • Depending on the main purpose of a co-op, there can be fully integrated co-op experiences or specific co-op missions and quests. Anyways, this could be an exciting take, considering that the new features in PS5 can provide this kind of gaming experience.

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