It’s only natural you’d be attracted to a man who could make you laugh again,” this character has a point though, men with a sense of humor are attractive. But do you know who said those lines? If you don’t, pretty sure you’ll find him exciting to meet and even play with! MultiVersus recently dropped the mad scientist, Rick, on the roster, which fans looked forward to for a while. To cut to the chase, Batman’s rival, Joker is rumored to set foot in the game. MultiVersus Mark Hamill x Joker coming soon… any thoughts about this, Brawlers?

So if we’re all here, then we’ll be glad to tour you along with all the information and make you laugh.

MultiVersus Joker coming soon

If you’re asking what made us think that MultiVersus Joker will soon arrive in the game, we got some information from data miners.

MultiVersus Joker
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  • Data miner @LaisulMV on Twitter shared an audio clip of Joker that sounds exactly like Mark Hamill’s Joker. This is quite big, imagine the OG Hamill is the one voicing Joker in the game? Oh, this is nuts (and exciting)! Here’s the said clip, give it a listen if you’re curious:

  • Also, they may have found a few hints of Joker’s abilities in its voiceovers. “Careful, this might sizzle” sounds like a move that has some acid involved in it. Check the other taunts out!

  • Of course, this does not confirm the arrival of MultiVersus Joker right away, but maybe we can expect it soon hmm, before Season 1 ends? One thing’s for sure though, we can’t wait to see a Batman versus Joker battle in the game, who do you think will win?

Other characters’ arrival

Since we’re here on the subject of character arrivals in the game, Laisul also shared a few about Stripe and Black Adam’s coming to MultiVersus.

  • Fans and data miners expect the first season to end around November. If that’s true, we can see the two character headliners in the banner this month (hopefully!).
  • @LaisulMV shared their speculation about the coming of Stripe in MultiVersus. Also, see Tony Huynh’s Tweet regarding the hinting arrival of MultiVersus Stripe, he’ll probably be a great brawler, what do you think?

  • Additionally, they gathered data about Stripe’s possible moveset based on its SFX. They confirmed earlier that Stripe will be using a skateboard with its other moves. Peek at the short moveset list here!

  • Moving to the other character, Black Adam can grab and throw?! That’s our reaction when the data miner drops this on a Tweet on things we can note about Black Adam’s arrival.

  • A Punch Aim Ground was recovered as well from Black Adam’s files. So we can confirm that he does have that grab and throw ability, look at Laisul’s Tweet here.
  • Honestly, there’s no hint yet on who is the next character they’ll reveal in MultiVersus. However, these three are the most awaited by the players, so we hope we can see them soon. It would be pretty much great if MultiVersus drops Stripe and Black Adam first, before dropping Mike Hamill’s Joker. Come on, devs, new the character next week?

That’s all we have now, players! Exciting!

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