Do you remember the last time MultiVersus added a new character to their roster? Well, if our memory serves us right, Looney Tunes’ Marvin the Martian happened to be the last. Marvin arrived in the game during the second season on November 21, 2022. Who wouldn’t enjoy having new additions to the game, right? Finn and Jake started on the MultiVersus roster, so are you expecting any more characters from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time? Honestly, we expect all of them, no joke… but we think MultiVersus x Adventure Time happens again, this time with Marceline. Here’s everything we know so far, catch up with us below!

Adventure Time’s Marceline on MultiVersus

The Player First Games co-founder suddenly became curious about Adventure Time’s Marceline. The fans became giddy with this curiosity though, what is MultiVersus up to?

  • The rumored addition of the Adventure Time character came stronger as Huynh posted a Tweet Poll asking for a Marceline default outfit. Well, he says he isn’t saying anything though, but come on, we want more.

  • He’s totally not saying anything but a poll, right? However, this should be enough to bring the players thrilled about the arrival of a new brawler. Fans seemed excited for an update on the Warner Bros. games, and we are too! Anyway, what added to the players’ anticipation of Marceline’s arrival? Tony also liked a Tweet regarding a Marceline outfit.
MultiVersus x Adventure Time, marceline outfit
Image Courtesy of Tony Huynh via Twitter
  • We do hope we can see vampire Marceline in the game, more female representation in MultiVersus sounds great. What if they actually bring Marceline in, then Princess Bubblegum next? We think that would be a nice duo or should we say duel…


Just before the known MV data miner on Twitter, @LaisulMV lost another account, they tweeted about Tony Huynh liking a Marceline-related tweet a few days before Huynh’s poll.

  • Since the account was suspended, we can’t show the Tweet, however, it writes “(Thread 2/2) A pinch of “hinting” at Marceline was when Tony randomly liked the pinned tweet of the “Marceline4MVS” account today, a few after the posting of this tweet.
  • Additionally, when Huynh tweeted about Marceline’s default outfit poll, @AusilMV (former @AisulMV and @LaisulMV) quote retweeted with an eye emoji. Well, the data miners may keep us posted if ever some things start to stir up!

  • Hmm, the game director’s likes and interactions with the Tweets may be weak proof to hold on to, but we sure hope we can get new characters and updates soon. It’s been a long while since the players received news about the game, so we think (and wish) they’ll come with big announcements soon.

New character alert

MultiVersus may have a new character up on their sleeve, and Tony Huynh also confirmed this when he tweeted about the fun of testing out new characters. Before tweeting about the shocking Marceline tweets, he posted about character testing.

  • And here we are, insanely curious about who is the next character to arrive in the game. No new character arrival announcement yet, but this could be anytime soon if they’re testing it out! Whether Marceline is coming next or not, we hope we still see the Vampire Queen in the future roster of MultiVersus.

Are you hoping to see MultiVersus x Adventure Time’s Marceline soon? Let’s hope for more Adventure Time characters too! Enjoy MultiVersus on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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SOURCES: Tony Huynh on Twitter, @AusilMV on Twitter
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