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It’s already been more than a year since the Sci-Fi Korean drama and Netflix original series “The Silent Sea” made its debut on the platform. The ending left the audience with a nail-biting cliffhanger which suggested it had to have a second season. However, Netflix did not reveal any information if The Silent Sea is already canceled or not.

The Silent Sea Season is likely “not renewed”

It’s quite odd that Netflix hasn’t made any announcement regarding the show yet. Fans of Gong Yoo (Train to Busan) are all wondering if The Silent Sea is already axed. Although Netflix said that “they have never canceled a successful show”, they still shelved fan-favorite shows like Warrior Nun, 1899, The Society, and many others.

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In addition, Kdrama shows aren’t akin to providing a season 2. They usually run for 10 to 20 episodes, but for only a single season. There may be exceptions to this like The Glory, Alchemy of Souls, and Kingdom, but it still isn’t a trend for Korean dramas.

What should we expect if there is ever a Season 2?

The first season ended in epic fashion and there is still a lot left to be discovered. We gathered some questions left unanswered in the first season which could be answered if The Silent Sea pushes for season 2.

1. Did Captain Han really die?

The finale showed Han Yun-Jae (Gong Yoo) sacrificing himself moments before the Balhae Station collapsed. Though he was later revealed outside of the facility, it still isn’t clear if he passed away or not.

2. What’s going to happen to the Lunar Water?

Balhae Station was already destroyed by the water itself so there’s no way there would be more samples left to recover. But, Doctor Song and the other crew members retrieved a few test tube samples which they were supposed to bring back to Earth.

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3. What’s next for Luna

Luna, a girl who seemed to evolve and adapted to the harsh effect of the Lunar water is the key to the worldwide water crisis. She is the only known survivor to ever touch the said water and her existence is the very evidence that the fluid will be the solution to everyone’s problem. Surely, there’s more to the story left to be heard for Luna.

3. What the rest of the crew are going to do

There are only a few of them left since Balhae blew up to pieces. Even though a rescue ship arrived, it is still blurry what is their next plan of attack. Will they be bringing the lunar water to Earth? Will Dr. Hong and Dr. Song bring Luna 73 with them?

Are you also hoping for Gong Yoo to return as Han in The Silent Sea? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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