One Piece: Chapter 1081 – Spoilers and Theories

One Piece chapter 1081

One Piece is one of the longest-running animes. Not just it is one of the longest-running animes but One Piece is one of the most popular ones too. This Eiichiro Oda illustrated anime has fans all around the world that await new chapters religiously. There are a few theories and spoilers in this new chapter 1081 of one piece and let’s dive into them.

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Spoilers and Theories 

Image by @OP_SPOILERS2023 (Twitter)
  • The upcoming chapter 1081 will be titled “10th Ship Captain: Kuzan”.
  • The chapter starts in the same place where the previous one ended. At the start of the chapter the former Admiral Aokiji, Kuzan appears and freezes Hibari. In response, Kobi rushes to help Hibari.
  • Kuzan then goes to fight Monkey. D Garp calls him out by saying “Will you be able to kill your former “Number One Apprentice” to save your current one!?” To which Garp answers “I thought I taught you to live in the present!!”
  • Garp seems to have the upper hand in his fight against Kuzan. Kuzan uses “Iceball” to bring down Garp, but Garp easily manages to break through it. He then grabs Kuzan’s head and states “Those who hesitate are weak!! Blue Hole – Fall to Seafloor”.
  • Garp smashes Kuzan’s body and split open the ground with his brutal strength as Kuzan’s body falls into the ground.

  • On the other side of Winner Island, Law has been defeated, and Teach is panting with his face covered in blood.
  • Teach is deciding on stealing Law’s power but Bepo notices what’s happening to his captain and plans to rescue him. He takes a special medicine that Chopper gave him which turns him into Sulong form making him look like a giant Polar Bear.
  • Bepo then takes Law into the sea before Teach could attack Law. Polar Tang seems to be destroyed with the rest of the Heart Pirates on the ground or the sea.
  • Trafalgar Law and the Heart Pirates are defeated and the chapter is concluded with it.

Release Date and Time

The highly awaited chapter 1081 of One Piece is all set to be released on April 24th, 2023 at 12:00 AM JST which is Sunday, and on April 23rd in the Western regions. The date and time of this manga will change from one country to another because of the time zones but don’t worry we have got your back. Here is the list of a few time zones and the release time.

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM
  • Central Time: 11 AM
  • Japanese Time: Midday
  • British Time: 5 PM
Image by One Piece (official website)

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