Here’s everything we know about Meloetta’s appearance in Pokemon GO. Including whether or not its shiny form will be present and other details about the critter!

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 will have a music theme. This adds to the speculation that Meloetta is the Pocket Monster. Furthermore, Meloetta is renowned as the “Melody Pokemon”. So the Twitter post can’t be pointing to anything else based on this connection and the contours aligning.

Unless Pokemon GO is just playing with people’s feelings, shiny Meloetta’s premiere will almost certainly be included in this summer’s music-themed celebration.

Who is Meloetta?

Meloetta is an intriguing Pocket Monster. Despite the fact that it has no characterized evolutions, it can transform into two distinct forms. Meloetta’s Aria version is a Normal/Psychic hybrid, whilst the Pirouette version is a Normal/Fighting hybrid.

It’ll be intriguing to see just how Niantic handles Meloetta’s flexibility to shift forms, or if they totally dismiss it. Even though Meloetta isn’t exactly a breakout star among Mythical Pokemon, the critter would be a wonderful asset to the music-themed celebration arriving this summer.

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