Pokemon Go: Update 0.225, Patch Notes

Information has been leaked about the new update for Pokemon Go, update 0.225. This update patch 0.225 introduces a range of new things for the game. It includes new quests, changes for Eggs, and the introduction of a new fast move. Apart from making some of the aspects of the game easier for players, Niantic has also made the game more engaging. Players will also be receiving new rewards.


Quests will receive a series of new additions. They include

  • Two new quests
  • Three quest conditions
  • A new Story and Timed quest

Players will also receive rewards for

  • Earning XP
  • Opening Gifts
  • Having a particular Pokemon CP
  • Having a particular friend level


Egg hatches have been a time-consuming aspect of Pokemon Go. Players will be able to skip the egg hatching cinematic bit after this update. Moreover, a number of animations that have been skipped can also be viewed. In addition, egg hatching will receive new settings.


The Fast Move list will be getting a new addition. Double Kick is the name of this new move. This move is already present in the Core games and it deals 30 damage.


This is a big change in the update. The PvP system is to be completely changed. Moreover, a new PvP-specific library is being added. Improvements in the PvP timings are also being made.

Team Go Rocket encounters will also be changed. This is because these encounters are similar to the PvP system. These encounters might also be in a different format, as Niantic might be trying to separate the different types of encounters.


This change will include a white circle for things such as Lures and AR scanning. Additionally, a larger pink circle will show the spinning distance.


POI categories can be edited when players are in-game. In addition, there are also eligibility checks which will ensure that players are eligible to use Wayfarer POI edits and creations in-game.

Categories will now be color-coded. This may mean that categories will appear differently. Some categories might also be hidden. Further, day limits might be introduced for certain categories.


Apart from the mentioned changes, there are still a lot more changes. These include

  • New app icon to celebrate the new season
Image Courtesy: PokeMiners
  • New startup image
  • Native refresh rate
Image Courtesy: PokeMiners
  • New Assets- new egg styles, new hologram box, and more
  • New Form- speculated to be for a Trading Card Game event in 2022
  • Tutorials
  • Holograms
  • Raid Leaderboard Updates
  • Adventure Sync update

Source: PokeMiners

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