PS5 Pro Leak: Sony flags Moore’s Law is Dead’s video for copyright

PS5 Pro Leak Sony flags Moore's Law is Dead's video for copyright

The rumor mill for a PS5 Pro just went into overdrive after Sony mysteriously yanked a video by YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID). This takedown has gamers buzzing with questions. Was the video packed with juicy details about the next-gen PlayStation, or is this a whole lot of nothing? Let’s dive in!

MLID: Leaker with a Checkered Past

While Sony silencing the video doesn’t confirm the leaks are true, it certainly suggests MLID might have stumbled upon some sensitive information. Here’s the catch: MLID, known for tech leaks, isn’t exactly a beacon of reliability on Reddit. They fall under the dreaded “Tier 4 – Generally Unreliable Source” category. This means their intel should be taken with a grain of salt (or a whole shaker, depending on your skepticism).

PS5 Pro Leak Video Taken Down by Sony (Reddit Comments)
Courtesy of Reddit

Leaked Details: Fact or Fiction?

Based on Reddit thread chatter and speculation from other tech outlets, the vanished video might have spilled the beans on the following PS5 Pro specs:

  • Powerhouse Hardware: Get ready for a serious upgrade over the standard PS5. The Pro could be packing a monstrous 30 teraflop GPU, 16GB of lightning-fast RAM, a dedicated machine learning accelerator, and a CPU cranked up to eleven (well, slightly overclocked).
  • Enhanced Features: Improved ray tracing capabilities and a potential PlayStation answer to Nvidia’s DLSS technology were also rumored. This PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) could upscale visuals for smoother, eye-popping gameplay.

Remember, folks, these are just RUMORS. The real specs of the PS5 Pro are still Sony’s top secret. Here’s what to expect next:

  • News and Analysis Patrol: Gaming news websites and trustworthy tech YouTubers will likely dissect the Reddit thread and analyze the potential PS5 Pro details. Stick to sources known for accurate reporting – they’ll separate the fact from the fiction.
  • The Official Word: The only way to get confirmed info about the PS5 Pro is through an official Sony announcement. This could come as a press release, a dedicated event, or even a social media post. Keep your eyes peeled!

So, PlayStation fans, the wait for the PS5 Pro continues. While these rumors are enticing, it’s important to remain skeptical until Sony releases an official announcement. In the meantime, stay tuned and prepare for the next wave of next-gen news!

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