PS5 Pro Release Date by 2024 according to Tom Henderson

PS5 Pro Release Date by 2024 according to Tom Henderson

Hold onto your controllers, gamers! Tom Henderson, a well-known insider has something in store for us, and it’s something to be excited about. Sony is planning for a more powerful PlayStation 5 model. Brace yourselves for an epic upgrade. According to Henderson, the PS5 Pro release date will happen in 2024!

The PlayStation 5 has kicked off the year with a bang. After two long years of supply issues, things are finally looking up. There are more PS5 in Malls and other retailers worldwide. The future looks bright for us PS5 gamers.

Will the PS5 Pro be available by 2024?

Insider sources have just confirmed what we all have been waiting for. A new development that has made gamers all over the world excited. Get ready, because the tentative PS5 Pro release will be in late 2024.

What’s new with the PS5 Pro?

Sony is reportedly working on a new PS5 model. This could feature an upgraded AMD APU for higher resolution and smoother FPS rates. Other than that – leaked patent details suggest it could even enhance real-time ray tracing performance.

Will the PS5 Pro be worth the hype?

Only time will tell. The console market was in crisis during the chip shortages which is now stabilizing reason probably why devs continue to release games from the old-gen consoles. But Sony is projecting a huge year for console sales in FY23 (around 30.5 million units). This makes us believe that a Spring 2024 phase-out of old games seems like the logical next step for the devs. Exciting times are ahead!

How much is the PS5 Pro going to be?

A possible price for the upcoming PS5 Pro would be over $499. Similar to its predecessor, the PS4 Pro, the PlayStation 5 Pro may come with a hefty price tag if the rumors are true.

What is the difference between PS5 and PS5 Pro?

The PS5 Pro’s GPU is rumored to potentially deliver double the performance of the PS5! And that’s not all, the Pro could also handle higher resolution gaming at a higher FPS than its predecessor.

PS5 Pro Concept art
PS5 Pro Concept art, via u/Anen-o-me on reddit

Will there be a PS5 Slim?

Just like the PlayStation 4, which had a three-year gap before its Slim version, we might expect a sleeker PS5 if Sony sticks to their usual schedule.

What is the difference between a PlayStation Pro and PlayStation Slim?

The main difference between PlayStation Pro and PlayStation Slim is their hardware specifications.

  • PlayStation Pro has a more powerful processor and graphics card, which allows it to run games at higher resolutions and frame rates. The previous Pro version has an additional USB port and an optical audio output so we can expect this to have the same feature for the upcoming PS5 Pro variant.
  • PlayStation 5 Slim will probably be a more compact and lightweight version of the original PlayStation 5. It will have the same hardware specifications as the original PlayStation 5, but it’s smaller and more energy-efficient.

Do you think this PS5 Pro release date is true? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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