PS6 Development Rumors Spark Over Job Listing

Since the launch of PlayStation 5, fans are having a ton load of high expectations from the upcoming PS6. The enhancement in the Stock condition in many states has sparked a ray of hope in some. While there are restocks but the chances of their exhaustion are certain.

Scalpers are using bots to get the console before others which made it unfavorable for others to get their hands on it. Sony can’t do anything about the shortage of chips. Due to this chip scarcity, Sony is finding it difficult to meet the current ongoing demand for Playstation 6 consoles.

Job Listing for Playstation 6

Sony agrees to the declaration on Twitter by user  Zuby_Tech about the development of PlayStation 6. There was a job tilting on the PlayStation website for a Ph.D. Intern for the Research and Development department. 

The job listing underlines that the candidate’s responsibilities involve “contributing to identifying and developing the technology portfolio of future PlayStation platforms.” The inclusion of “future PlayStation platforms” implicates that Sony has already started off with the next PlayStation console.

  • Sony is working on a new console without improving the stock situation. Within two years of the launch of a new console, Sony initiates developing another.
  • Considering the timeline, PlayStation 3 was launched back in 2006, and the PlayStation 4’s progress kicked off in 2008. Moreover, the PS4 was released in 2013, and the development of PS5 started in 2015 as per the data.
  • The development of PlayStation 6 does not insinuate the launch of the next console. PS6 will probably launch towards the latter half of the decade as development and research usually take time and patience.

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