PUBG Free for PC and Console

One of the biggest Battle-Royale games of all time, PUBG, might be bringing one of the biggest news yet. PubG has always been among the top 5 Battle Royale games and its mobile version is specially insanely popular in various countries. Up until now PUBG for PC and consoles wasn’t a free to play game but that might be changing real soon.


PUBG Stadia
Courtesy of Bluehole

According to a new leak, PUBG might soon go free-to-play for PC and consoles. The leak comes from a reliable leaker PlayerIGN, where he claims that PUBG wants to go free-to-play after a trial for a week. During this trial PUBG Corporation will track the player responses and then finalize the fate of the popular multiplayer action game.

It should also be noted that PUBG Corp originally intended to make PUBG free-to-play, back in 2019.  Unfortunately, they didn’t move forward with the decision as player response wasn’t as good as expected. PUBG Mobile is already a highly successful and dominating free to play battle royale game. Also, the unsuccessful PUBG Lite was a free to play game. So, it does make sense for PUBG Corp to do the same with the OG version of the game.

A Good Move?

PUBG’s major competitors are Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, all of whom are free to play games. Even though PUBG isn’t free, it still manages to give them a heavy competition and is very successful on almost all platforms. In such a situation, making PUBG free can really help them assert their dominance in the market. It could really be a gamechanger.

Just imagine yourself what a game like PUBG, which is doing so great already, can do if it is made free! There will be no barrier whatsoever and anyone would be able to play it. If the rumored trial is successful, it could really change the shape of battle royale gaming market, as well as the gaming market on a whole.

If indeed this leak is true, the free trial may take place sometime next month or in September. Fans and non-fans alike, can try it out for free and if the numbers are good, it may be decided to keep it that way. It could be a great opportunity for PUBG to take over its competitors and establish itself as the best. That is only if, PUBG Corp decides to make it free-to-play for all.

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