PUBG Mobile x Squid Game Crossover, New Leaks

With its global success, it’s only natural that Squid Game would want to collaborate with the world’s most popular mobile battle royale. Squid Game’s classic ‘Red Light, Green Light’ was included as a bonus event in Free Fire. Now, it appears to be coming to PUBG Mobile, although, unlike Free Fire, this might be an official collaboration.

Due to their recent partnerships, Krafton has lately gained a lot of positive feedback from the player population. The game is presently cooperating with Arcane, Riot Games’ League of Legends-inspired show. Arcane has already surpassed Squid Game as Netflix’s most-watched series.

Gamers are ecstatic about the latest Mirror World event mode that was released as part of the collaboration. Specifically, since it allows them to earn more kills and improve their K/D ratio in each round. However, the original Squid Game Franchise has been more successful, which may draw even more gamers to the collab event.

Red Light, Green Light

  • According to the reports, the game will most likely be similar to PUBG Mobile’s renowned ‘Red Light, Green Light’ mode.
  • As per regulations, competitors can only advance or walk forward when the mic announces “green light.” If the red light appears, players must remain stationary and stay completely motionless to avoid being eliminated.

  • The main goal is to reach the finish line before the timer expires. Gamers who enjoy battle royales will enjoy a new survival challenge. It will be entertaining for casual players who do not want to spend hours grinding to improve their gunfighting skills.
  • All of this being said, officials have yet to verify anything, so stay tuned. According to YouTubers, the option will most likely be available as a unique Arcade Mode in the game on December 20.

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