Red Dead Redemption: Remaster/Remake Leaks

Red Dead Redemption Remaster Remake Leaks

This is indeed an exceptionally great time for the gaming industry. Be it old or new, every video game or video game franchise is thriving. News regarding all kinds of games is pouring in and apparently, the pandemic has boosted the industry to new levels. So, when every other gaming franchise is bringing new stuff to the table, why should Red Dead Redemption lag behind?

Why Is It Needed?

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is often referred to as one of the best games of our time. It garnered stupendous reviews from the fans and was highly critically acclaimed. Red Dead Redemption 2 went on to win several Game Awards 2018, and that came as no surprise to anyone. Ever since that, fans have been demanding the remake of Red Dead Redemption 1 as well.

Not that Red Dead Redemption 2010 was a bad game; but in fact, it was so good, that it deserves a better gameplay experience. As you may know, it was a PS3 game, and that, unfortunately, doesn’t provide as good an experience as PS4 or PS5.

Apart from that, Rockstar Games is already developing a remastered version for GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA III. So, it only makes sense that the same should be done for OG Red Dead Redemption as well.

The Leak

We have exciting news for fans as a new leak suggests that Red Dead Redemption 2010 will indeed, get a remaster. The leak is reliable but it’s still just a leak, and we do not know how much truth it holds. Please note, that it will be a remaster and not a remake. This is only fair because, in all honesty, RDR is a great game and has a lot of content. So, a remake doesn’t make much sense.

It is being said that if the remaster versions of GTA 1-3 perform well, Rockstar Games will move forward do one for Red Dead Redemption as well. Also, it would prove to be an effective strategy to give fans something to enjoy before the delayed GTA VI is released. So, it can be derived that RDR Remaster isn’t in the works yet but it is in Rockstar Games’ future plans.

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