Resident Evil 3 Remake: Game Mode + Stories Update Rumors

Recent discoveries showed Capcom has been making some changes to the Resident Evil 3: Remake page on Steam. This has led to the excitement that new content is being added. However, it may be entirely possible that the update is just something on the backend. But, on the other hand, it can be possible that Capcom may be adding a new DLC to the remake.

New Story DLC?

In contrast to the remake of RE 2, the remake of Resident Evil 3 missed a lot of locations, iconic cutscenes, and content, which led to mixed reviews. It might just be possible that Capcom may be bringing in the missing content; or it may be something that will compensate for the missing content, probably a new story DLC. It is believed that this will focus on the supporting characters in Resident Evil 3.

Changes such as Brad Vickers’ death, Marvin Branagh’s infection have been changed in the remake. Players might want to have another feel of the original story. This can be covered in a Director’s cut version, which could also bring back a load of content from the original game. Locations such as the Dead Factory, Clock Tower, Raccoon City Park could also be brought back. However, this is a far shot. Bringing in such locations and stories would be inconsistent with the storyline established in the remake.

Anyhow, it is expected that one thing can be expected. A DLC similar to Ghost Survivors from Resident Evil 2, which might involve what-if scenarios, featuring the supporting characters such as the Kendo gun shop owner or the Mayor’s daughter, might be seen. In addition, there are several supporting characters that can become more involved with a story DLC.

Mercenaries Mode

  • In addition to all this, Capcom might be adding a familiar game mode to the remake! Mercenaries from the original Resident Evil 3.
  • The mode might let players control U.B.C.S members in moving from one end of Raccoon City to the other in a fast manner.
  • It could also mean the return of characters from the game series, such as Rebecca Chambers, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Burry Burton, and Lady Dimitrescu.
  • While this is all speculation, we will have to sit back and watch what happens with all the new updates coming to the game’s page on Steam.

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