Riot has added two more elemental drakes to the Rift during the preseason. The Hextech drake is one of them. Its soul grants you a buff similar to the old Statikk Shiv; the alterations it makes to a map include portals that allow you to, well, portal between two connected portals when you’re not in combat. This drake appears to be very balanced and has some potential for macro outplays while not offering an undue advantage to one team that cannot be matched.

Chemtech Drake

  • The Chemtech drake, on the other hand, is a different story. The current League of Legends meta emphasizes eradicating your opponents before they eradicate you, with team fights typically lasting thirty seconds.
  • The Guardian Angel item is only useful in some circumstances, and it’s usually not worth the money or the slot it takes up. The Chemtech drake soul, on the other hand, grants the entire squad the Sion passive, which allows them to use their skills.

  • With the new drake soul, it doesn’t matter if you’ve burst an enemy carry and exhausted all of your cooldowns; they’ll simply revive and blast all of their, considerable, damage into your team by the time they die again, assuming they even do with all the problems around the drake.
  • The map adjustments substantially favor the winning side, thus preventing the losing team from leaving their base and causing them to choke to death over the next 10 minutes of the game, and the bounty system becomes ineffective since no bounties can be claimed.

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