Rumor: Attack on Titan x Fortnite Crossover – Coming Soon

Okay, rumors and speculations have been buzzing around the internet as of late as fans have been wanting Attack on Titan to be crossed out on the list of animes that would link up with Fortnite.

According to a recent leak, Fortnite will have a crossover with another popular anime, Attack on Titan. A suggestion involving a probable Fortnite crossover with Attack on Titan has been posted on Reddit by member u/Heavyduty35. He begins by discussing how several crossovers have had their menu screens changed when they arrive, such as Deadpool invading the Item Shop and other loading screens getting modified.

Attack on Titan x Fortnite

As per u/Heavyduty35 – Leaker (Reddit), the opening theme resembles the new shop background leaked by @ShiinaBR on Twitter. Here are the photos for comparison. What do you guys think?

Screengrab Courtesy of Crunchyroll Dubs via YouTube

I personally think that this does not show any resemblance whatsoever to the shared background by @ShiinaBR on Twitter. However, I can share with you this:


One thing’s for sure, we will have Zeppelins on the game next season.

Screengrab Courtesy of Mitsoki via YouTube

Will We Ever See AoT on Fortnite?

It is both exciting and frustrating at the same time to see Airships coming to the game without linking it up to the successful anime franchise – Attack on Titan. To make things more interesting iFireMonkey, a famous Fortnite Leaker posted this: 

As you can see, there will be a new “Manga Crew” called “Anime Legends” in the near future. Furthermore, fans immediately associated the ‘Rumble’ codename with Attack on Titan’s The Rumbling, an event from manga and anime. Then again, Rumble is simply a codename and may not be related whatsoever.

While no official confirmation has been given, thanks to recent leaks enthusiasts are confident that Attack on Titan is coming to Fortnite.

We know for a fact that certain leakers obtain information from Epic or Epic employees. And it’s also likely that the anime legends would be an item bundle rather than a series like the Gaming Legend series. All we have to do now is wait for more leaks and announcements in the following days.

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