Rumor: Fortnite Devs Working on First-Person View

A famous leaker tweeted a photo pertaining to Fortnite Devs reportedly working on a first-person view coming next season. In this article, we will check if this rumor is true and if yes, when will it be released. Feel free to leave a comment on how you feel about this alleged new mode in Fortnite. Enjoy!

Fortnite Devs Working on First-Person View

Fortnite is recognized for its awesome partnerships with unexpected names that fit amazingly well in the battle royale game. Epic Games took their crazy idea to the next level when they disabled Fortnite’s signature construction mechanic, and it was a huge hit.

A new gaming feature is being developed right now. Epic Games has reportedly started to work on Fortnite’s most requested element, the first-person view.

HYPEX, a reputable source posted a tweet that shows a First-Person View mode in Fortnite. HYPEX then emphasized that the new mode at the moment is still in its early development. This would be ideal for fans who wish to play in Zero Build Mode because you would be more immersed in the game as if you were actually inside the game.


In Fortnite, the concept of a first-person view perspective is not unusual. It was possible to do so in the past using exploits and tweaks, but fans expect an official option to experience theย first-person mode.

If made official, the first-person mode would almost certainly have its own mode, as third-person players would have an edge while playing against them. Before being fully integrated into the game, this fresh experience could be a limited-time event. We can only wait and speculate till the complete version of the mode is released. It’s possible that it’ll be available next season.

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War

Keep a look out for future editions of the comic book series if you’re a fan of both Marvel and Fortnite. More cosmetics will be released with subsequent issues of the comics, according to Epic Games. There’s also a Wolverine-inspired Pickaxe, an Iron Man-inspired Wrap, a Loading Screen, and a Spray among these cosmetics.

Epic Games, on the other hand, stated that the Spider-Man skin will be available for purchase in the game’s Item Shop at a later date. So don’t panic if you haven’t been able to obtain this new skin yet.

Second Issue Release Date

The second issue, which will be released on July 13, will include a redemption code for the Iron Man Wrap. The Wolverine Pickaxe code will be accessible with the third issue, while the Loading Screen and Spray will be available with the fourth and fifth issues.

This is the latest huge comic book collaboration for the blockbuster battle royale after Fortnite paired up with DC heroes for Batman/Fortnite: Foundation. The Fortnite and Marvel universes collide in Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War to preserve the Zero Point.

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