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Fortnite Fans are excited about this new feature coming to the game which is the Firework Gun and it is rumored to come very soon!

Fortnite has managed to remain at the forefront of current gaming titles due to its consistent fresh ideas. Nearing its fifth anniversary, Fortnite maintains its game experience interesting by introducing new environments, in-game features, and weaponry on a regular basis. According to speculations, a Firework Gun will be added to the accessible weaponry list soon.

Fortnite: Firework Gun, Coming Soon!

Fortnite may be getting a ‘Firework Gun’ in one of the game’s next patches. This is according to a reliable data miner and leaker. HYPEX, a reliable Fortnite leaker posted a tweet about the upcoming ‘Firework Gun’. They even wrote that this awesome weapon will be available this season.

The said gun may be found in Chests, Loots, and Supply Drops according to the leaker. You may also buy this gun from a certain NPC.

About The Firework Gun Clip

  • HYPEX, a well-known Fortnite leaker and data miner, spread the rumor of the alleged Firework Gun.
  • The leaker shared a 3-sec clip from Fortnite’s latest season’s introduction video, which contains 2 projectiles flying in from opposite sides of the screen before blasting into a multicolored firecracker.
  • HYPEX claims that the explosive weapon will be arriving at some time during the current season.
  • The other, and perhaps more likely, the conclusion is that the Firework Gun is a rebuilt version of the Flare Gun, which is a fan favorite.

The original assumption, according to HYPEX, is that the Firework Gun is a variant of the Grenade Launcher. While the projectiles pictured above do not appear to be the same as the usual Grenade Launcher rounds, Fortnite has previously had seasonal variants of the weapon, such as the Egg Launcher around Easter and the Snowball Launcher during the last quarter of the year. The effect of each edition differs significantly.

Firework Gun Vs Flare Gun

  • The Flare Gun is a multipurpose weapon that marks players who are in the direction of a fired flare as well as ignites any structures. It has been around since the first season of Fortnite Chapter 3.
  • Given that fireworks are also fire, and with the Fourth of July approaching in the United States, all indicators point to a new skin Flare Gun.
    • However, just like the Grenade Launcher versions stated previously, it’s feasible that this Firework Gun will have its own unique features.

3rd Week Chapter 3 Season 3 So Far

The third week of Chapter 3 Season 3 of Epic Games’ enormously popular battle royale game is underway. Several new game features have been available for the new Vibin season, which players are currently learning about.

Some of the new mechanics include the ability to ride wolves and boars as mounts, healing Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms, and Storm Sickness, a status that depletes health when you spend too much time in the storm.

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