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The new Valorant map may transport us to a submerged version of Portugal’s capital. A map of Lisbon appeared behind Raze in the preceding Warm-Up cinematic. Additional teases pointing to Lisbon were in the latest patch 4.08 and Episode 4 Act III battle pass, in the form of new voice mail messages and a player card.

If the hints are correct, Valorant’s eighth map will be the first set on Mirror Earth, following the Protocol’s initial trip into the alternate universe.

New Valorant Map – Lisbon, Portugal

Fade, a Turkish Initiator, was introduced as Valorant’s most recent Agent acquisition in Episode 4 Act 2. A new Battlepass and an appealing new skin collection will also be available. With two Agents released in Episode 4 and the most recent map dating back to Act 2 of Episode 3, Valorant fans should expect a map release in the next Act.

Riot Games makes sure that the community is informed of and excited about upcoming improvements before each major release, whether it’s an Agent or a map. Riot teased Fade with several things from the last Battlepass in the weeks leading up to its release.

  • They may have hinted at the game’s forthcoming map through the ongoing Episode 4 Act 3 Battlepass in a similar method.
  • You will receive a number of free chapter awards after reaching Tier 50 of the Battlepass. The ‘Yellows on Rails’ card, which is one of the rewards, could be the final piece of the puzzle that reveals the location of the upcoming map.

Yellow on Rails

Riot has been steadily disclosing the lore of Fracture since its introduction in Episode 3. The voicemails recovered on the map introduced Oran McEneff and Ruben Pontes. They are two unknown persons that work for the evil Kingdom Corp.

  • Oran and Ruben, according to online sources, are the two characters seen on the ‘Yellows on Rails’ card.
  • The train depicted on the player card looks like an “Elétrico,” a common mode of public transportation in Portugal. The Omega Earth or Earth 2 location of the following map is reiterated by the Kingdom Industries emblem at the bottom of the train.
  • Riot left an easter egg near the following map’s location in Episode 4. The next stop on the train itinerary in Fracture was Lisbon, a Portuguese metropolis. The contents of the ‘Yellows’ on Rails player card support this theory even more.

The upcoming map will likewise be underwater. The train moves underground, surrounded by marine life, as can be seen on the player card. This, together with the new home screen’s blue portal, could signal that the entire map, or at least portions of it, is underwater.

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